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In store signage ware is a major factor for effective food merchandising. Price tags, re writable labels and cards, stands made of different materials, menu holders are just a few of our extensive range to complete your outlet's display.
Wet Erase Markers

Markers of liquid chalk provide you excellent message display as well as flexibility. Text can be cleaned using a wet sponge. 4 colors available to create your message.


No space on your shelves to place product price? Sticker labels will solve you price display problem. Can be stuck everywhere, will communicate all product features. They are plastic coated and re-writable to change your text.

Signage Ware All Products

Check out our extensive range of product signage ware and complete your in store product display. Price cards and tags, stickers, stands and card clips are only a few of Garibaldi range for your in store communication.

Price Tag Clips

Indication label and price tag clips can be attached on the edge of your trays and baskets. Also can be attached on your store shelves to hold cards and advertising messages. Different types available to fulfill in store display requirements.

Price Labels and Cards

Labels, cards and tags to indicate your products prices and features. Just place them next to your products to display and describe to your customer product details and messages.

Card Stands

Card and price stands placed in front of your product to indicate your product features and prices. Just place them on your cashier, inside your showcases or on your counter top.

Acrylic Information Stands

Acrylic info stands on various dimensions used for messages and products information. Ideal for the reception, inside the counter and the counter top as price tags for your creations.


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