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Contemporary Bowls & Trays

If you wish to to raise the image of your products , if you wish to add style & value on your creations you need to use the proper presentation equipment.

A range of contemporary trays and bowls within these pages will attract your customer's attention and they will turn their purchasing ability to profit for your business.

After all when it comes to foodstuffs "Presentation Makes The Difference"

Wooden Boards

Wooden boards used on pizzas and snacks presentation. Ideal for your counter can also be used on the table for meat and cheese dishes. A warm alternative way to display.

U-Board Textured Platters

Garibaldi U-Board textured acrylic platters are the perfect merchandisers for mince pies, souffle, muffins and cupcakes. A unique U design tray is an real eye catcher pastry display system. Made of durable clear textured acrylic food safe.

Onda Presentation Trays

Contemporary Presentation Trays made of durable plastic polymer of the highest quality. Their extra hard surface withstands commercial environment, keeping away smells and bacteria.

Elle Plexiglass Trays

Elle contemporary presentation trays made of clear plexiglass create a real eye catcher display on your counter. Use them to show off pastries and starters. Made of elegant transparent plexiglass are the ideal line for all stylish bakery and pastry shops.

Elle Aluminum Modern Baskets

Elle Aluminum display baskets create a real industrial look on your counters. Made of food safe aluminum are the ideal system for snacks and cakes, donuts and more

Arc Contemporary Trays

Garibaldi Arc design stylish trays made of elegant plexiglass with special wave edges. Available in 3 different depths to fulfill all bakery display requirements. An excellent design line for romantic style stores.

Platters, Bowls, Melamine

Garibaldi Bowls & Trays is our versatile solution for counter and buffet applications. Available in classic and modern shapes and many different sizes and colors conformed to all your food service requirements. Made of melamine and other plastic materials for commercial use.

Octagon In Counter System

Octagon bowls & Trays is our versatile solution for in counter applications. They have real porcelain look but they are light and durable as they are made of durable plexiglass with extra hard surface that will not absorb smells and bacteria from fresh meat products.

Presentation Stands

Impressive design stands to serve desserts , pastries , snacks , donuts and more. Made in modern yet functional designs and colors will attract your customers attention.

Cooling Trays

Garibaldi Buffet Cooling Trays are the perfect solution for sausage, cheese and fruit slices. Use them and keep in ideal temperature all fresh food until your last customer will pass by your buffet. Choose the right size and type from Garibaldi extensive selection.


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